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Welcome to 

Manchester ChinesE Gospel Church 


​曼徹斯特華人福音教會 (Oldham) 

Who we are


Manchester Chinese Gospel Church is a church planting ministry of the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission (COCM). Starting in 2021, the Church commit to serving the Cantonese-speaking Chinese community in the North of Greater Manchester (areas of Oldham, Rochdale and Middleton), leading them to Christ, and building up disciples. 

「曼徹斯特華人福音教會」是「基督教華僑佈道會 」於2021年在大曼城區北部開展的廣東話植堂事工,主力服侍Oldham, Rochdale 及Middleton 地區的弟兄姊妹及朋友;服侍幫助居住在該區及鄰近地區的香港人,帶領人認識主寶貴的福音,建立信徒。


Sunday service    

Starting from 6 February 2022: 

Sunday Service (Cantonese): Sundays, 2pm 
Children Sunday School/ Youth Group: Sundays, 2pm

廣東話主日崇拜: 星期日下午2時正  
同步設兒童/少年主日學: 星期日下午2時正  

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Sunday Service
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